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cool game tho


nobody on

wow really??


amazing game but no ones on


its fun but whenever i go on it theres no one playing

With a multi moniter display my cursor moves onto my other screen and disrupts play.

alguien me alluda que requisitos pide

this looks super cool but my friends are being turds and wont play it with me. Anyone want to play


This game has heaps of potential. It could be the next Battlezone. 

A type of game there just aren't enough of.


there is a problem when i played with my friend it would say you won every time at around 18:17 on the clock ??

looks coo

looks like a nice start but ridicules strain on the machine with 10+ minions

also if you reload shotgun and you have 2-3 bullets it still reload 7 and you end up with minus Singh on your ammo display (: ...

Deleted 1 year ago

Yup. We haven't added any sound yet.

Deleted 1 year ago

Alright! Thank you! I'll get it checked. :)

Any plans for a Linux version?


Just added the Linux version on your request. But it may be buggy, because we have no way of testing it ourselves.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

It requires OpenGL 3.2, I have 2.0 :(
Thanks for adding the Linux version,
I don't think Unity supports older version of OpenGL on Linux.

Very cool stuff!

Enjoying the demo and where this game seems to be headed. Good luck on

Thank you! Much appreciated!


hi there i was looking for a game around the internet that allow me to build and battle with my friends at the same time , and looks like i found what i was looking for , i've play tested your game and it looks really good compared to other games i found around the internet , i can also play it on my laptop really well .

your game looks cool man i'm looking up for more stuff in the game :)

good luck with the project mate .

That is awesome to hear James!

This means we have accomplished exactly what we are aiming for. We want to provide a fun experience unlike any other game, with the possibility to play it on lower end machines.

Thank you and hope to see you online after future updates!

i wish that i can donate some money to help you with the project , i just don't have a bank account yet .

good luck mates :D


That is a generous thought, James!

It is alright if you can't donate. You really don't have to. But if you want to support, then showing this game to your friends helps out A TON!

Keep on being awesome, James!

sure i'll do